I would like to die first
hot summer my grave
imagine as you will come
early in the evening
to light a candle
to water the geraniums
as you are talking to me
as I'm listening

as I'm attentively listening to you

examination period

she came on exam
as it is usual to come
in a mini
and without a pen

you write the beautiful poems
so sad poems
she said cheerfully

I will never learn anything about
the formation of
plastic deformation


louis is drinking
and mowing
nuns are looking forward to

louis is a gypsy
death is white
with a sexy scythe
with the crotch
burning in the breast

louis is drinking
and digging a grave

the nuns feel joy

august in piešťany

it was a little bit raining in the morning
so I went to watch
the fishers
as they are smoking
and sparkling
with wit

the sun has risen
and began to traffic in the suntan
bach is playing bach
is searching for the witnesses

I have nothing to do with it
I – I'm frankly
throwing something to swans