nothing small

it's morning
I'm opening the window on the 6th floor
an angel after a night shift
is walking down the street,
girl in T-shirt and shorts
I lean out and shout: sin!
girl raises her head
she is smiling
I'm shouting: nothing great
exists here!
you have only coins
daily pleasures!
girl disappears in the gate
the lift stops on the 6th floor
door on the opposite flat
I close the window
going to work
there is water running next door
girl in the shower
still smiling
is thinking of him
I'm thinking of her
nothing small exists


could be everywhere

I'm looking at it from deep
dirty green wing chair
in which father used to sit

I always had something
against my father

landscape on canvas
every day
the same
I have it in my eye

until I finally
turn away from it

as my father
I turn my head to the window

behind which it is getting dark